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Written by Mike YH   
Monday, 05 August 2013 10:59

Well, here we go, this is our first Arun Squash Club Blog! We will see how it goes, but I will try and post a message once a month to keep members up to date with what's happening at the club, with a few snippets of information about the sport we all love to play. If there is anyone at the club that wants to contribute to this Blog, please let me know, I can give you access to post your own messages about whatever you feel you would like to share with all the folks out there.

So far so good, it has been another successful squash season, with lots of new faces and keen people joining the club. Not to mention a few old ones coming back from injury, work commitments or just having a break. Or maybe, they noticed that middle aged spread taking hold around their waistline....I will leave you to be the judge of that when you see them next on court.

There have been lots of good things happening at the club this year that it is hard to remember them all. So I will try and pick some of my highlights.

Internal Leagues

Again the internal league continues to do well, it's a great way to play squash more regularly and improve by playing different people. The impression I get is that all members seems to be enjoy playing in the internal leagues, so I would like to thank our internal league organiser Alan Mann for doing such a sterling job.

I would also like to urge the players in the lower leagues to play all their games. There are a lot of matches that remain unplayed every month. Don't wait for challenges, be more proactive, just contact the other players in your own league and arrange a game at a time that suites you. Take control, remember the main reason squash players join the internal leagues is to play more regularly!

I also think it is worth thanking all the people that take part in the internal leagues that help make it such an enjoyable experience, so thank you and long may this continue.

Be respectful....

There have been a few occasions where members have disagreed on court, not unusual, when you think about the competitive nature of the sport. In most cases this is left on the court and goes no further, this is how it should be. I would like to emphasize that it is import to be as honest and fair as possible with "lets" and "strokes". Give your opponent the benefit of the doubt and accept your opponent's calls. Play a "Let" if you both disagree, remember nothing is lost with a "Let", you just have to play the point again and usually it works out alright in the end, call it "good karma", "what goes round comes round", or "circle of life" thingy, if you like. I have been playing this game we all love for more years then I care to remember now, and take it from me luck evens things up, for sure!

Anyway, it is often difficult to see the whole picture when you are on court anyway, squash is such a quick game with lots of movement in the same space, with players trying to dominate the "T Zone". Even the pros get it wrong when they see the video replays, recently used in PSA tournaments. Unlike any other racket sports, you share the some space with your opponent so there can be issues with movement or lack of movement from players. This combined with the physical nature of the sport means when players get tired, they sometime don't move as quickly as they did at the start of the match. This works both ways, as both players get tired and don't move well. I would recommend coming to some of the coaching sessions where movement patterns are discussed and practiced.


We now have two qualified England Squash and Racketball coaches to support club members that want to improve and develop their squash game.

This year we have had 20 squash coaching sessions at the club and I was so pleased to see a few new faces and hear the positive feedback from people that said how much they enjoyed the sessions. I can guarantee that each and every session is different with lots of tips and advice to help you improve your squash game. The highlight for me was to see how much the players that attended the coaching sessions improved. Some of them making it into the premier league for the first time! We will be looking to do more session again before the season starts again in September, so keep an eye out for news on this.

We are also looking to do some more coaching, for "beginners level", aimed at players in the lower leagues looking to improve or players that have not been coached before. We will be concentrating on the basic technical and tactical  aspect of the six main squash shots.

You are never too old to learn, it just takes you a bit longer to get out of bad habits. Henry Ford once said "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young".

Squash in the 2020 Olympics

Just a note to let you know that Squash has been shortlisted to be in the Oympics in 2020, with two other sports, Wrestling and Baseball. This was from eight other sports all contesting to be included. The final decision will be made by the IOC in September this year. Word on the grapevine is that squash is one of the favorites to make it through, lets all hope so!

Inspire Leisure & Courts

Finally, I think it is worth mentioning that we all know Inspire Leisure continues to review the facilities at the leisure centre. However, they have said that "User groups will be involved in detailed discussions about the refurbishment". So we look forward to convincing them that it is in the public interest to maintain 3 squash courts at the leisure centre. It looks like squash will be voted into the 2020 Olympic Games in September so this will give us an added benefit to encourage Inspire to keep the squash courts, and for more people to take up playing squash.

Thanks again for your ongoing support as members of the Squash Club, long may this continue.

All the Best,


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